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Manage welding skill , productivity and quality

Finding the best solutions to problematic welding cases , Wise™ software product family has been developed and tested together with industrial partners , and proved inside production environments.

Wise products are welding software solutions , enabling levels of welding performance that otherwise would be impossible to achieve with standard MIG/MAG welding process. Use Wise products for enhanced root closure , constant power management , automated arc length control and precise thin sheet welding.

Compatible with FastMig synergic , FastMig Pulse and KempArc automation equipment , Wise products can be tested in your local environment before or after your equipment purchase.

  Order code KempArc Synergic KempArc Pulse FastMig Synergic FastMig Pulse
WiseRoot 6265011
WiseRoot-A 9991011
WiseThin 9991013
WiseThin-A 6265013
WisePenetration 9991000  •
WisePenetration-A 9991010
WiseFusion 9991014  •
WiseFusion-A 9991015


WiseRoot is a highly ecient and unique tailored cold arc process for manual and automated root pass welding in ferrous and stainless steel materials. Designed for the eective closure of root joints and tolerance of gaps created by poor joint t-u , WiseRoot is three times faster in root welding than TIG proces, is easy to learn and use and saves time on rework costs. Traditionally, welding engineers have been reluctant to employ the standard MIG/MAG process for quality root welding, due to known quality issues. However Kemppi WiseRoot is everything but traditional and is now a proven and accepted root welding solution.


WiseThin is a tailored cold arc process for manual and automated thin sheet welding and brazing. Typical applications include automotive manufacturing and quality light plate fabrication in ferrous and stainless steel materials.

Wise Penetration

WisePenetration delivers consistent power to the weld pool regardless of distance changes and deviations between the welding gun nozzle and work piece. Suitable for both manual and automated synergic MIG/MAG welding , WisePenetration solves some age old problems.


WiseFusion creates and maintains an optimal short-circuit characteristic in pulsed MIG/MAG and spray-arc welding applications. Keeping the arc length optimally short for manual and automated welding, WiseFusion ensures consistent weld quality in all positions, and once set, eliminates the need for regular parameters adjustments.

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