TIG 200C
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  • Strong anti-interference ability, small current fluctuation, easy to operate
  • Stable arc combustion, heat concentrated, high temperature arc column
  • Small electrode loss easy to maintain the arc length.
  • High frequency arc, high success arc rate, stable small welding current, good forming
  • Constant current output, strong ability to resist the voltage fluctuation


Parameter/Model TIG200C
Input Voltage (V) 1P 220V±15%
No-load Voltage (V) 62V
Frequency (HZ) 50/60
Rated out Current/ Voltage TIG:210A/18.4V  MMA:210A/28.4V
Output Current Range (A) TIG:5-210A  MMA:20-210A
Rated Duty Cycle (%)  35%
Rated Input Current (A) TIG:42  MMA:46
Rated Input Capacity 9.2KVA
REfficiency η 0.85
COS Φ 0.99
Insulation Class H
Protection Class IP21S
Net Weight (kg) 8.5KG
Dimension (mm) 405 x 148 x 298

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